libctru  v1.6.0
ampxi.h File Reference

AMPXI service. More...

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Result ampxiInit (Handle servhandle)
 Initializes AMPXI. More...
void ampxiExit (void)
 Exits AMPXI.
Result AMPXI_WriteTWLSavedata (u64 titleid, u8 *buffer, u32 size, u32 image_filepos, u8 section_type, u8 operation)
 Writes a TWL save-file to NAND. More...
Result AMPXI_InstallTitlesFinish (FS_MediaType mediaType, u8 db, u32 titlecount, u64 *tidlist)
 Finalizes title installation. More...

Detailed Description

AMPXI service.

This is normally not accessible to userland apps.

Function Documentation

◆ AMPXI_InstallTitlesFinish()

Result AMPXI_InstallTitlesFinish ( FS_MediaType  mediaType,
u8  db,
u32  titlecount,
u64 tidlist 

Finalizes title installation.

mediaTypeMediatype of the titles to finalize.
dbWhich title database to use.
sizeSize of the savedata buffer.
titlecountTotal titles.
tidlistList of titleIDs.

◆ AMPXI_WriteTWLSavedata()

Result AMPXI_WriteTWLSavedata ( u64  titleid,
u8 buffer,
u32  size,
u32  image_filepos,
u8  section_type,
u8  operation 

Writes a TWL save-file to NAND.

titleidID of the TWL title.
bufferSavedata buffer ptr.
sizeSize of the savedata buffer.
image_fileposFilepos to use for writing the data to the NAND savedata file.

◆ ampxiInit()

Result ampxiInit ( Handle  servhandle)

Initializes AMPXI.

servhandleOptional service session handle to use for AMPXI, if zero srvGetServiceHandle() will be used.