libctru  v1.6.0
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romfs.h File Reference

RomFS driver. More...

#include <3ds/types.h>

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Data Structures

struct  romfs_header
 RomFS header. More...
struct  romfs_dir
 RomFS directory. More...
struct  romfs_file
 RomFS file. More...


Result romfsMount (struct romfs_mount **mount)
 Mounts the Application's RomFS. More...
static Result romfsInit (void)
Result romfsMountFromFile (Handle file, u32 offset, struct romfs_mount **mount)
 Mounts RomFS from an open file. More...
static Result romfsInitFromFile (Handle file, u32 offset)
Result romfsBind (struct romfs_mount *mount)
 Bind the RomFS mount.
Result romfsUnmount (struct romfs_mount *mount)
 Unmounts the RomFS device.
static Result romfsExit (void)

Detailed Description

RomFS driver.

Function Documentation

◆ romfsMount()

Result romfsMount ( struct romfs_mount **  mount)

Mounts the Application's RomFS.

mountOutput mount handle

◆ romfsMountFromFile()

Result romfsMountFromFile ( Handle  file,
u32  offset,
struct romfs_mount **  mount 

Mounts RomFS from an open file.

fileHandle of the RomFS file.
offsetOffset of the RomFS within the file.
mountOutput mount handle